In Robokill, your character is a yellow Robot designed to kill robots, meaning he has to have weapons.

Your Robot has four weapon hardpoints: two for automatic supplements and two for activated supplements. This page will talk about the weapons you have access to. In Robokill 1, you have four weapon hardpoints for anything. There isn't any activated supplements.

Classification[edit | edit source]

Every weapon comes in 3 levels; Light, Medium and Heavy. The first weapon you gain access to is the Blaster, specifically two Common Light Blasters mounted on the 2 shoulder hardpoints. In the first map of Robokill 2, there is another Common Light Blaster in a box. Weapons are uniform; meaning 2 light blasters are the same, every medium shotgun is the same:

Blasters: Fires standard bullets fast and in a straight line. They are your basic weapon. Useful against single targets, and even multiple foes if used correctly.

Shotguns: Fires a spread of bullets, at a slower rate than the blaster, but do more damage up close. Good for killing groups of enemies.

Grenades: Has a slow rate of fire but do massive area damage. The grenades themselves have low bullet speed.

Lasers: Fire a blast of laser energy wherever you aim your crosshair/mouse. The blasts ignore walls, meaning you can fire the lasers behind cover, while not having to move from cover yourself. Use this advantage to attack tough enemies or enemies far away. It also deals a small amount of area damage, making it ideal against groups of small enemies.

Pulse Guns: Fire blasts of pulse energy that ricochet off walls once, much like the Mobile Turret Bots ingame. Useful against enemies behind walls.

Pulse Shotguns: Essentially a shotgun that fires a spread of pulse energy bolts instead of bullets, with the same pros and cons as a regular shotgun. Projectile spread and speed are very similar to that of a regular shotgun, but it has a higher rate of fire and deals far greater damage.

Weapons also have modifiers that give the weapons special properties. They are divided into 3 classes:

Common - Plain, simple and most common type of weapon dropped. Have no modifiers.

Uncommon - Less common, but still widely dropped in levels. Have 1 modifier.

Rare - Very uncommon, little to no chance of weapon drops. Have 2 modifiers.

Weapon modifiers change the stats of weapons. They can increase Bullet Speed, Bullet Rate of Fire, make weapon projectiles Knockback targets, make weapon projectiles freeze targets for a short period of time, make weapon projectiles Hit Multiple Targets on impact, and many more. It is also worth noting that modifiers also increase the cash value of a weapon.

Weapon stats[edit | edit source]

Here is a index of all weapons of Robokill 1 & 2 (under contruction!):

DPS = Damage Per Second


Weapons Light Medium Heavy
Blaster 1D at 5PS, 5DPS 2D at 5.88PS, 11.76DPS 3D at 7.14PS, 21.42DPS
Shotgun 8D over 4 bullets at 2PS, 16DPs 12D over 4 bullets at 1.66PS, 19.92DPS 20D over 4 bullets at 1.42PS, 28.4DPS
Grenade 10D at 1.66PS, 16.6DPS 20D at 1.42PS, 28.4DPS 30D at 1.25PS, 37.5DPS
Laser 35D at 1.25PS, 43.75DPS 45D at 1.25PS, 56.25DPS

55D at 1.25PS, 68.75DPS

Pulse Gun (bullets ricochet) 10D at 5PS, 50DPS

15D at 5PS,         75DPS

20D at 5PS,      100DPS
Pulse Shotgun 52D over 4 bullets at 2PS, 104DPS 72D over 4 bullets at 2PS,     144DPS 96D over 4 bullets at 2PS, 192DPS
Shredder 40D at 3.33PS, 133.2DPS 55D at 3.33PS, 183.15DPS 70D at 3.33PS, 233.1DPS

Robokill 2:





Pulse Gun

Pulse Shotgun


Cluster grenade (Robokill 2 only)

Burst missiles (Robokill 2 only)

Devastator (Robokill 2 only)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Robokill 1

Robokill 2

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