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Robokill: Titan Prime is a Flash-Player videogame developed by Rock Solid Arcade for usage on computers or mobile devices, made in a variety of three versions; one free, one buyable and one compatible with the iPad or iPhone. It revolves around the story of a yellow robot who is flown to a space station in orbit around Mars By the mercenary ship Darkstar. To liberate the aforementioned station, the protagonist must battle robots through multiple levels, and complete objectives such as bringing communication systems back on line.

The plot begins with Darkstar docking at SS Titan Prime and the protagonist recieving a call from it's human mission operator, telling it what it must do to liberate the place of malevolent robots. The protagonist then calls in at the Inventory, an upgrade shop ran by a slightly grouchy green alien, to buy more guns and possibly else, depending on the players choice.

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